About Us

Who are we?

Seed Sowers is a small group of Christians who have a common interest; that being the free distribution of God’s Word. Seed Sowers is comprised of individuals who have trusted Christ as their personal Saviour. We work in fellowship with assemblies of Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and have no denominational ties.

With the realization that many in the world are not living with the prospect and assurance of being in Heaven after they die, we are distributing these posters in order to inform people of God’s way of salvation.

We are based at the address given on the bottom of the poster. The distribution may be done directly from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, or Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, via the postal system, or at times, delivery of the posters is done by volunteers in conjunction with an individual, or a church, in your locality.

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How did seed sowers begin?

Late in 1985 a young farmer is driving the tractor over the wide open fields, busy with fall tilling when a tumbleweed, driven by the prevailing northwest winds came bouncing over the Canadian Prairies. He was impressed that just like the weed seeds are being scattered by this little enemy, even out of season, Satan, the enemy of souls is busy sowing lies and destruction while the many fields of this world lie untouched by the gospel. Convinced that he was not ready to leave the farm and preach full time, he wondered what could do…what can almost anyone do who has the desire… to make a difference in the harvest of souls? He knew it was the spreading of the Word that would make the difference, and since he had some available time ahead during the winter he ordered a few hundred gospel posters, printed some simple “manuals” that explained the verse as a companion, and began mailing them as packets to the remote villages of Northern Manitoba. He enlisted the help of a few others at the local assembly and eventually included a postcard that people could return to request more posters or information about the gospel.

The next summer after planting season, he went with three or four families to another part of the Province to go fishing, and took some of these packets along to give out in the towns around the lake. The Door-to-door sowing of the Good Seed was so rewarding that upon their return they agreed it was actually more enjoyable than the time spent fishing. They told a few others about their experience, and by the time the next summer rolled around, there were twice as many families ready to go “Seed Sowing”. Soon they had to make a special order 20,000 John 3:16 posters to have enough to keep them supplied for the winter mailing and the weeks they planned to work together in the summer. The next time their primary purpose was to go as fishers of men though they spent part of their time relaxing and enjoying fellowship around the evening campfire. This was far too good to keep to themselves and before they returned home the question was, “Which towns will we do next summer?”

In February of 1987, along with two of his friends, the farmer created a trust organization, applied and received from Canada Revenue, a non-profit status so they could be better stewards of the funds they believed the Lord would have them spend on posters, manuals, plastic sleeves and reply cards. That organization was named Seed Sowers.

For the next few summers the numbers at the summer distributions grew, especially with young folks, and many more of the people in the local assemblies were aware of the work and helped assemble the packets for the summer work and mail them during the winters. The cities of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Red Deer, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, and many smaller towns were covered in the early years. It wasn’t long before people from the USA were asking how to obtain some of the packets and regular trips to the US post office across the border had to be made to satisfy the demand. By 1990, over a million posters had been printed for free distribution in Canada and neighboring USA.

In 1990, a thoughtful friend of the Canadian farmer spoke to a couple in the USA about getting involved in the Seed Sowers work. While they were not really aware of what it was, they invited the farmer down to bring a load of posters and explain the process of supplying assemblies and workers, receiving and forwarding response cards, and organizing the summer distributions. One of the topics of discussion was the recent trip twenty people had made to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to cover the town with a new Spanish posters. The response of the Mexican people to attend the advertised meetings was overwhelming and many had already been saved as a result. This was the first of what has become a yearly trip to Mexico to distribute Spanish posters in a new outreach each Christmas.

Once the proven methods of shipping materials, planning distributions and handling the response cards and other correspondence was passed on to the couple in Iowa, it was full speed ahead, only now in both Canada and the USA.